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Dental health goes beyond just your teeth. Your gums and bones play an integral role in the health process. As you get older, your teeth may begin to fall out and shift. This can make chewing and speech difficult. Our team can help preserve your smile with cosmetic dentures.

A gorgeous smile is waiting for you at Coopersville Dental Associates.

We examine the current condition of your teeth and their surrounding structures before we even begin to consider dentures. Our office boasts a clean and relaxed atmosphere. We concentrate on your health and safety, above all else.

Rest easy in our care

  • Provides support for your facial muscle

  • Makes it easier to chew

  • Improves the ability to speak

Benefits of dentures:

In recent years, dentures have come a long way from the days of bulky, ill-fitting plates. Our premier dentist, Dr. LaFleur is dedicated to making your life easier.

Dentures have come a long way

We preserve your dental health