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Root canals Root canals

A tooth that shows signs of infection needs to be treated fast. When infection spreads, it threatens the other teeth in your mouth and could lead to extraction. Our team wants to stop the spread of infection by treating the root of the problem.

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For over 20 years, Coopersville Dental Associates have made every effort to save the teeth of our patients. Our dental team uses root canal therapy to stop infection before it spreads to the other areas of your mouth.

We save your teeth

  • Sensitivity to hot or cold items

  • Pain while biting or applying pressure

  • Throbbing and severe tooth pain

  • Swelling in the irritated area

  • Bad taste

Symptoms of a serious problem:

Simply put, when the pulp inside your tooth becomes severely infected it needs to be removed, and the tooth cleaned. Root canals reach deep inside the tooth to relieve pain and pressure caused by the infection.

Root canals stop the threat of infection

Clear away the infection fast